About Us

Who are we?

Enactus Queen Mary is a student-run enterprise society at Queen Mary, University of London. We are one of the 56 university teams that make up Enactus UK, which is part of the international non-profit organisation Enactus Worldwide. 

We are part of over the 2600 student members, nearly 200 different social projects, and 111,637 hours volunteered (and counting). Enactus UK has helped to change the lives of many people, both locally and globally, for the better.

Students, academics and business leaders work together to transform the lives of people in need, and shape a better, more sustainable world through entrepreneurial action. 


Enactus Queen Mary is very proud to say that we are the first successful team in creating a multi-university project. Being based in London gave us the opportunity to create something unique and special with another university. Therefore, we teamed up with the University of the Arts London (UAL), and created FELT. It has been one of the most successful projects to date. 

This exciting collaboration with UAL started in 2018 has brought great success in the team. We want to keep going and so we are looking to expand this collaboration and create more projects during the 2019-2020 academic year. 


During the academic year of 2018-2019, our partnership with UAL brought us excellent results that allowed us to win the Development League at Enactus Nationals. It is the first ever prize and recognition that Enactus Queen Mary has ever received and we want to keep going. We want to reach higher goals with the projects we have and with many more that will come to our team. 

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