Here you will find news of the society but also updates of the projects ongoing and major development

Past Newsletters

Newsletter N°1 (December 2019)

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our first monthly bulletin. Here you will find updates with what our team has been up to, as well as the latest news on our projects. We’ll also be keeping you up to date with upcoming events and dates for your diary.

On Wednesday 13th November 2019, we hosted our 3rd Business Advisory Board meeting of the academic year. All 3 project leaders did an outstanding job presenting the progress and aspirations of their work. We received feedback that our projects need to build a business model and continue growing according to that.

Gavin was kind enough to hold us a project management training where we got acquainted with the basics of the agile scrum method. We’ll be able to utilise this in our projects as to tackle the problem of people getting overwhelmed with too many tasks, as we’ll be able to select and differentiate which tasks would be the most beneficial and could be carried out by team members at the highest standard. Furthermore with this new method we can supervise our progress and reflect on which aspects of the tasks are working out and what needs to be changed.

Team restructuring -we decided to put Blended on hold and made FELT our flagship project to to better concentrate our resources.


Last month, we made this our flagship project and came up with goals which we plan to achieve until the end of February. These goals include reaching out to our newly created list of beneficiaries (before Christmas break) and organising workshops (January) with as many of them as possible while also working to upcycle waste to turn into materials which they could use during said workshops. We are also collaborating with another student who has his own enterprise which focuses on visually impaired customers.

COMMONSANS (former Regen 3-D)
CommonSans believes that we can help tackle the issue of food-related packaging by encouraging bulk shopping through deliveries. This emerging form of grocery shopping eliminates single-use plastic and replaces it with reusable containers. We also believe that we have the power to help our peers enjoy better standards of living during their studies.

What we would need the BA’s help with is how to turn the project into pilot trials, working out the logistics of prices and how payments could be made. Also, support in how to effectively find and create project partners and effective branding would also be greatly appreciated.

We have put up posters around the university to spread awareness of our society. We are planning to organise an employability workshop with EY for our team members.

We are hoping to organise a fundraiser with Guide Dogs UK to spread awareness of our society and hopefully recruit some new members to our wonderful team.

Business Advisory Board Meeting – we are hoping to hold the second meeting of the academic year towards the end of February – more to follow.

We had our annual Christmas Awards where bonded over skating and we rewarded our team for their hard work with amazing presents from Enterprise.
Thank you to to our wonderful Business Advisors for their hard work over the last couple of months. The future for Enactus QM looks very bright, and we are looking forward to working with you over the next year as well!

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

 – Enactus QM Team