Enactus Queen Mary is Currently working on the following projects, for more information please click the links below.


Blended is a project that deals with food waste and helping the people in our community have a healthier diet. This projects targets low-income families of Tower Hamlets in redistributing surplus food that would otherwise go to waste. The goal of the project is to make people in our community have access to fresh greengrocery that they cannot afford.


FELT is a project that is being done in collaboration with the University of the Arts London (UAL). The project deals with empowering visually impaired people by showing them how they can use skills of their own to create things via weaving, crocheting and embroidery. This is one of the first steps they will take in creating independence as this will make them more employable by fashions brands with the possibility of encouraging them to create their own fashion brand. The final goal is to make these people confident with their disabilities and show them they can be fully independent.


ReGen-3D is a project that wants to solve the problem of waste plastic bottles by creating filament for 3D printing. This project wants to help at risk youth in the community learn new skills and at the same time the importance of recycling and reusing things that we have around us. The final goal is to make the your in out community choose to engage in an activity that will enhance their future.

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