The Need:

The initial team that composed Blended recognised a significant issue posed by many retailers within London as well as the rest of the UK, that being the large amount of produce wasted on a daily basis needlessly that can still be used by the general public. One of the main reasons is the short shelf life maintained by producers for fruit and vegetables. Retailers are also often unwilling to sell fruit and vegetables that have an unconventional appearance as many consumers will not purchase them. The aim of Blended is to use this surplus produce and create a produce box that can be sold to the community of Tower Hamlets. 

Another problem facing the UK currently is that of unhealthy eating habits by the general public. This century has seen the trend of increased overweight and obesity levels, thrived by the easy availability of unhealthy meals. By providing this product, Blended encourages customers to rethink what they purchase by giving them a cheap and healthier option.

Finally, a major problem facing the UK is that of youth unemployment. Whilst it is not the highest when compared to the rest of the European Union, it is nonetheless an indicator that a significant amount of youths and young adults leave education without guaranteed access to employment and opportunities for work related experience.

What are WE doing about it?

Blended is a project that aims to deal with the issues outlined above. Our idea is simple; we want to partner up with retailers and grocers in order to gain access to surplus produce, employ young adults to manage the logistics of packaging and delivering the produce box to our customers.


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